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We all love celebrities and their hard work. We expect them to be really beautiful in front of the camera but sometimes the hectic lifestyle of a celebrity can take its toll. These 10 stars down below is the definition of it.



Angelina Jolie has always been considered one of the more beautiful women of Hollywood, but that does not mean she is not subject to the sands of time. The toll of raising kids, drama in her life and the stress of a Hollywood lifestyle have caused the actress to look much older than 41. She has the tightly pulled face and the look of way too much makeup that just gives the appearance that she is trying to hide something.


2. LORDE – 17

Lorde has confused so many people over her looks that there was actually a hunt for her birth certificate to confirm her age. When it was found, people were astonished to finally have proof that the popular singer was really 17, just like she claimed. Her looks had many convinced that she was 10 years older than her actual age.



Lindsay Lohan was a child star who won the hearts of everyone in movies like The Parent Trap. However, the fame and issues within her family led to a party lifestyle that was full of drug abuse. The years of abusing drugs and her continuing struggle to stay sober and revive her career have definitely taken a toll. The actress now looks much older than her mere 29 years.

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